My Story

I was born in Minnesota, and forty+ years later I live in Minnesota. But there’s more to it than that…

Where to start? Where to end? Husband. Father. Volunteer. Coach. Dreamer. Mindful. Always learning. Passionate. Focused. Practical.

Life is great, but I think tragedy and misery have a place, and can break down barriers and make connections when used appropriately. I have seen tragedy. But I have also seen joy and love. I focus on living life today and lead my life with a “dream” list (goal list,  bucket list, whatever you want to call it). My purpose is to help others on this journey through life. I believe that sharing my vulnerable moments and touches with tragedy will open doors for others to take steps toward sharing, improving, and connecting with others.

Here goes…

My only sister, Katherine, died of suicide on March 26th, 2012. Shocking. Life-changing (for me, and for so many others). A tragedy that I live with every day. We didn’t see it coming then, but hindsight is a slippery slope.


My dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone marrow plasma cancer) in 2011. Ironically, my sister was one of his biggest supporters through this the year before her death. He will be in “maintenance mode” the rest of his life but is doing well.

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My grandmother died at the age of 100 in 2012. She lived a great life and was an amazing person an inspiration to me. I was an active fire fighter at the time I decided lighting 100 candles on a cake indoors was a good idea. A memory I will cherish forever.


I was a fire fighter for 10 years. Fulfilling in many ways and so rewarding, but I saw fires, accidents, and medical conditions turn lives upside in an instant.


I volunteer as a wish granter for Make-A-Wish. It is an incredible organization that makes an impact on children facing life-threatening illnesses – so many of the stories will break your heart and make you grateful for all that you have. I have met many wonderful children and families through this great organization

[pic of wish child]

I was an Air Force brat, moving every three years during my childhood. My parents were amazing at getting us to see and do things in each area that we lived. I have many great memories from all over the country. These moves were hard at times but made me who I am today.

Randomness…high school in Nashua, Hampshire. After that, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana). On to Chicago, Illinois for my first job with KPMG Peat Marwick LLP as a management consultant (getting on a plane most Monday’s for 6+ years. And then up to Minnesota (back to find my roots) where I’ve worked with Pearson VUE for over 16 years. I was a fire fighter with the City of Eden Prairie for 10 years, and cherish the bonds and experiences in that incredible department. I have been married for over 20 years, and have three amazing children.