Being You and Being Cool With That

Originally posted by Dave Thompson on work blog, June 22, 2012

My company had a “Global Corporate Challenge” a few years ago as part of a wellness program. I think they had it right by challenging us every so often. One weekend the challenge was to beat your personal best step count. So how about a dream challenge too?

I challenge you to add 3 dreams to your dream or goal list TODAY

What? You don’t have a dream list started? Then you’ve got it easy. The Dream Manager, by Matthew Kelly, is one such simple framework that suggests 12 categories for your dreams (physical, emotional, material, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, professional, financial, creative, adventure, character and legacy). Write your dreams down wherever you want – and don’t hold back – don’t censor your dreams – don’t think about all the reasons you can’t do something or why it doesn’t belong on your dream list. There’s plenty of time to tweak your list later on. I’ve found several times that I wasn’t sure why I was writing down an initial dream (or I thought I knew the primary reason) only for the true purpose behind it to become clear later on – get those out of your head and on paper and give those dreams a chance. Do it now! Trust the journey.

It’s so easy to doubt our own dreams. It’s your list – you don’t have to share it – at least not all of it (but you’ll find that sharing dreams gives them power). Neil Pasricha does a TED talk on the Three A’s of Awesome (Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity). You can watch the talk to see his “awesome” examples, have a few laughs and hear his important message about how short life can be and why we all need to enjoy life now. I love his points on authenticity which he sums up as “being you and being cool with that” – that’s what our dreams are all about. He gives an example of Rosey Grier who, in addition to being on the “Fearsome Foursome” as a professional football defensive linesman, also published a book titled, Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men. That’s definitely being comfortable in your own skin and following your heart! Here’s a final quote from Neil…have fun, dream big, and let me know when you’ve added 3 dreams to your list this weekend:

If you feel that sense of wonder and beauty in all the tiny joys in life then you’re part of an international band of old souls and optimists, smiling on sidewalks, dancing at weddings, and flipping to the other side of the pillow. Let’s all high five and keep thinking wild thoughts, dreaming big dreams, and laughing loud laughs.

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