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Originally posted by Dave Thompson on work blog, May 14, 2012 (note: I posted this before I was actively using Pinterest):

Kevin Eikenberry describes himself as a “Leadership Expert, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Trainer, Father, Husband, Leader, Learner. Proud son of a farmer, lover of John Deere green and yellow and Purdue black and gold. You are Remarkable!“. Ok, so I’m a bit biased by a Purdue grad, but please keep reading. He proposes that Pinterest (a popular online pinboard) can be used to add value to our personal and business lives. I’ve always loved that core to The Dream Manager (by Matthew Kelly) is the same postive, energizing connection between the dreams we are chasing personally and the way we engage at work – we need to be engaged in all aspects of our lives.

Here’s a link from Kevin Eikenberry to motivational quotes & pictures – it’s hard to find any of these that I couldn’t apply to each of us pursuing our dreams – enjoy! I’m still working on picking my favorite quote (and his list keeps growing) – what’s your favorite?

Although I originally wrote this in 2012, fast forward to May 2015. I’ve been actively using Pinterest for about three years now. I use it to post positive quotations on a few topics (e.g., motivation and suicide awareness/support). Pinterest is an amazing tool that has the power to very simply connect people. I have used it a bit at work to help people share their dreams and goals, but it is hard for people to really take it seriously in the work place. I would love to see more applications of this as “dream boards” where people can get support and accountability for anything they want to achieve in life. Enjoy all of my positive quotes:

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