Week 10 Training Update

The top questions I’ve been getting lately are something along the lines of, “You’re running all of your training miles outside? What?!?!? Why???

In my original Giving Tuesday message, holiday letter, and CrowdRise donation page, I pledged,

“to run all 500+ training miles outdoors in Minnesota to give me continued awareness to the daily struggles that so many people face.”

I don’t get to pick and choose the days that have good weather, whether or not I want hills scheduled in my training plan (I did 12 half-hills today!), or how my body feels. I think about the struggles that others face on every single run. This gives me strength. Focus. Determination. Pride. A sense of purpose. I give thanks that I do have control over how I feel. I give thanks that I’m healthy enough to run. I give thanks for all of the support that I’ve received on my mission to create awareness to prevent suicide and fight the stigma of mental illness. I don’t take any of this for granted.

This means I run while 10″ of snow are coming down…



This means I run when cities and citizens don’t clear their sidewalks (I’d like to dedicate my calf muscles and ankle strength to these two pics – this frozen, crusty, icy fun is what I face on every run)…



A great friend of mine posted today on Facebook, “Davey! I ran in 19/feels-like-5 degree weather just now in solidarity. I only cursed your name a couple of times 😉 Cheers, buddy.” How cool is that? So powerful. We are all in this crazy race through life together.

I ask you, what do you have control over? What exciting but scary challenge can you face today or tomorrow? Pause. Think about it. Seriously – right now – think about it. What can you do? It may be just getting out of bed in the morning. It may be telling someone that you’re struggling. Or running outside in crazy cold weather in solidarity with me. Or checking in on someone and letting them know you’re there to listen. Or taking the first steps toward a new dream. Whatever it is – find something that excites and scares you tomorrow – and take a step to start making it happen.

What’s the easiest way you earned $100 in a bar? Wait – don’t answer that. Thank you to a coworker for hearing my story over beers and handing me $100 without hesitation – I turned the money in, I promise. If you had to pick a 39F degree day with 20+ mph winds & snow, or sub-zero the next few days, which do you choose? My 13 mile run was Sunday – so I chose the wind and blowing snow. I think Ben Franklin’s expression says all you need to know about that decision. This was also my second run using a metronome. Yep, for 2 hours I heard beep-beep-beep (every time I put down my left foot). Working on my cadence is my next step (ha, step) towards making my back woes go away.

IMG_7711 copy

I love this pic. Out for my run over lunch and a whole group had shovels and hockey sticks. They cleared the snow away and played some boot hockey. Also went old school with my Prairie Dog hat.


And finally…look what else I got (don’t be distracted by the ice castles in the background)? Yep – it’s official. Accepted. I’m in “The Boston”.

IMG_4114 copy

As of this post I’m at $9,795. So close to $10,000 – I can’t wait to see who will push me over that goal (YOU can donate by clicking here to make it happen). And then let’s chase the next $10,000!

As always, I can’t thank you all enough for reading these messages, being there for those around you, and helping me fight the stigma of suicide and mental illness. WE are saving lives. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Week 10 Training Update

  1. Rev. Patricia Hayes

    Tomorrow we are launching a campaign at Katherine’s church to raise money for your run, $1 at a time . We’ll be passing out business cards with the Samaritan hotline number in exchange for a $1 contribution, to raise awareness. Stay safe in your training – I know you aren’t staying warm!!
    Rev. Patricia

  2. dcthmpsn Post author

    Thank you so much for your support! I can’t wait to hear how this goes. What a great idea! I can feel the support from everyone, and it means so much to me, and to our entire family. I hope all is well with you – please thank the congregation for me.

  3. Jay Sparling

    Hi David,
    I believe your father made mention I would be contacting you. I want you to know how much my wife, Lisa, and I support what you are doing. Katherine and Lisa were quite friendly – we spent quite a bit of time together in the churches crying room as we have an 8 year old. Lisa has walked with Eric in the 5K a few times as well. My offer is this … I would like to promote your cause and efforts via Facebook. As an internet marketer, I am tied in with around 60,000 of my closest friends in southeastern MA. I would like to have permission to share some links to your website and to mention your desire to get 10,000 people to donate $1. Please let me know if this is OK with you.
    Jay Sparling

  4. Rev. Patricia Hayes

    Hey Dave,
    The church outreach is more than we ever expected – in depth of connection if not numbers (yet). Only about 15 people took packages of cards, but what they are finding is that people are talking to them about family members they have lost to suicide, people are putting the card in their wallet because they have dark days themselves…. it is more than we ever thought. One person has taken it to her workplace and it is a designated outreach now. Thanks for the opportunity – more reports to follow, keep on running! (p.s. love the t-shirt)
    Rev. Patricia

  5. dcthmpsn Post author

    Thanks for the update. Such a cool idea! And I love how it is getting people talking and sharing. I’ll have to make sure I get a card too when I’m out there – I want to see what you’ve created. Thanks again for all that you do and for honoring Katherine and everyone else struggling with mental health issues. -Dave


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